A Floridian since early childhood, Peter J. Nolan has worked as a conservation photographer since 2001. Preferring the time-honored 4x5 wooden field camera, Nolan traverses the South Florida landscape capturing the interplay of water, land and sky.

“The organic nature of using traditional equipment in the field is very appealing to me. The primary parts are wood, metal and glass. No batteries or beeps, just the whisper quiet sound of a mechanical shutter.”

Nolan’s work, primarily focused on South Florida, the Everglades, and Big Cypress National Preserve, is largely motivated by ecological concerns. He hopes that, through his work, people will gain a greater appreciation for the natural landscape that surrounds them.

Nolan’s prints can be found in both public and private collections including the Law Firm of Becker & Poliakoff, The Old Davie School Museum and in many private collections throughout South Florida.

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